Friday, February 12, 2016

Anxiety what can you do

Anxiety is one of the most complicated mental issues a person can have. We all understand that when we are having a job interview or a meeting with a doctor that we might be nervous for this. This is perfectly normal. In a situation like that or when we feel we are in danger it is a normal reaction to protect our self from the unknown and for potential treats to our health, whether it is psychological or psychical. The fact that we can't control the situation is making us vulnerable. In the case of doing an exam it is of the essence that the examine has prepared her or himself and studied the topics so that there is a good chance to succeed. This way one can take easily control over the situation, however there are people who done all this and when the moment of truth is there they have seemly forgotten what they have learned. In those cases it might be appropriate to ask your doctor for a mild sedative. This type of anxiety will wear off.

When is anxiety more than a temporary thing?

When a person feels tense, irritable, nervous for no particular reason, there might be an underlying cause for the ailment. Strangely enough it isn't always so easy to anxiety identify anxiety. Most of the time long term anxiety goes hand in hand with depression and psychosomatic pains or ailments, like irritable bowel syndrome, head ages, or other pains or illnesses. Long term anxiety can be caused by a trauma in the past, for example an accident or abuse when the person was a child. Even when the person has been treated for the trauma in hospital or had sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist the anxiety can linger and may eventually go and live a life of its own. Especially when the the person was a child the brain had not been fully developed at the time of the trauma. The result might be that the brain gives the wrong information to the patient. For example it says that the person is in danger all the time, the result being that he or she is vigilant all the time.
If a person has been to counselling sessions and have worked through their trauma and he or she is still having re-acquiring symptoms of depression and anxiety, it might be time to consult the family doctor and ask for medication. Needless to say is that all medications have pros and con's and drugs should always be the last resort.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I want to believe

A while ago I had this revelation and as Mulder and Scully were saying: The truth is out there.

We were all spirits before we were born. One day we became flesh and received a physical body. First we were a spiritual formless being. We had no perception of time because in this dimension time does not exist.
Throughout the ages we have forgotten where we originate from.
God is the Almighty Spirit, who all human beings who are destined to be reunited with Him/Her get to know at one stage in their life. I say Him or She as we are either male or female, however we are all equal in the eyes of God.

It is when we experience or have experienced trials and difficulties in our life we'll at some stage in our life begin to ask questions. Why did this happen to me? What have I done wrong? We create a strong sense of guilt. This feeling of guilt is inherited from our ancestors and is part of the collective sin.
The Bible says; all people are born in sin. This means that we all caring this feeling and deep rooted believe of guilt within us, regardless we did anything wrong. A new born baby hasn't done anything and yet he is born in sin. He/she carries this collective guilt.

When you invite or open your mind and heart to the higher spirit (God), you step up on the ladder of consiousness.Your process of thinking gets onto a higher level. You transcend above your normal patron of thinking. We met those two contradicting voices in our heads. You are one of them and the other we're not really sure of who or what it is. We then have discussions with each other.
This can be very confusing at times especially when you are a young person. A lot of sense and inside towards a lot of questions you might have can come up during this process.
But unfortunately we forget them or only a few thing will stay with us within our short term memory. To keep these precious thoughts and revelations you can write them down, this way you can reflect and transcend.            

To come back to the conscious guilt, God the spirit also became flesh and lived among us as Jesus. To walk among the people who then lived. He taught his disciples the truth meaning of life and what goes beyond. He went against everything that was taught by human beings. He went against all worldly authority and turned everything upside down. The key of his teachings was and still is that through him we are free of this collective guilt. We are no longer slaves, we are free.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Who invented Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia has always been a mystery. Ever since Emil Kraepelin claimed he had discovered an incurable, degenerated illness at the turn of the 19th century, no cure or concrete causes of Schizophrenia has been found.  Schizophrenia is the collective name of negative, cognitive and positive symptoms, like depression, delusions, hallucinations and paranoid thoughts. Even though there are other theories which explain the cause of Schizophrenia the two most common used models are the Medical or Disease Model and the Social Model. The Medical Model claims that a biological defect in the person’s brain is responsible for the illness. The Social Model claims that when a person is confronted with an extremely stressful event, his or her mind puts a defence mechanism in place.   
We all know of a person that is or has been suffering from depression. People who have experienced this devastating illness know but all too good what it can do to the mind. In most cases depression can be conquered with the help of medication or therapy. However when life seems to be going well and new horizons are being discovered one doesn’t expect to see shadows moving or get panic attacks; especially when the person is young and life is only just beginning. Nevertheless there are many young people between 14 and 26 who experience these symptoms. Some have experienced trauma but others didn’t.
Adolescence is a period wherein a person develops the last parts of the body and brain. These are enormous changes and are usually causes much psychological pain and confusion. Many discoveries like sexuality are made in this period. To contribute to this confusion and pain, major changes like study, exams, jobs and relationships are thrown in. Often they come all at once. It is also in this period that many young people experience with drugs and alcohol. Needless to say that causes many problems and damages not only a person’s liver but also the person’s brain. Withdrawal from it after excessive use can cause anxiety, bad dreams, depression, shaking and vomiting; these are just the mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. The more serious symptoms are; hallucinations – known as delirium tremors and black outs.
Alcohol use is affecting the neurotransmitters in the cortex, the cerebellum, the hippocampus, the amygdala, the superior and the inferior colliculi. Cannabis is mainly affecting the nucleus accumbens, caudate but also the cerebellum and the hippocampus.  These are all located in the mid brain which contains dopaminegic neurons.
When in the case of excessive drugs, alcohol use or when experiencing extreme stress; which adolescence may be filled with, the stress hormones suppress the activity of the hippocampus. As a result the hippocampus loses its ability to function normal. The amygdala and the hippocampus are deeply involved in responding to stressful events. Charles Nemeroff discovered that the hippocampus is 15% smaller in a person with depression. In some cases the hippocampus might not be able to distinguish between a piece of asphalt on a warm day or a turbulent river. In normal circumstances the amygdala sends alarm messages to the cortex when needed. The hippocampus assists in the transfer of this information. When the cortex realises that the danger is over it instructs the amygdala to stand down. This is supposed to happen in a normal situation. However when this process is distorted the person might develop anxiety, which may include paranoid thoughts and or delusions. The person might also have difficulty in concentrating and have low motivation. Anxiety is a very complex phenomenon and a panic attack can be extremely freighting. Some people even see shadows moving or see human or animal figures that aren’t real. This is the brain’s way of dealing with the situation at that moment. A similar thing is happening when we dream; we digest the things we’d done and work through situations we yet have to understand.
Schizophrenic symptoms are frequently also found in other mental disorders, like post traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disease and obsessive compulsion disorder. In the 1800’s before psychoanalyses and psycho-pharmacology, 70 % of patients in hospitals were discharged after their first admission receiving ‘moral treatment’. They had either improved or recovered from their symptoms. By 1900 the ‘moral treatment was abandoned and replaced with more scientific somatic treatment, discharge rates dropped to 20-30%. Moral treatment included;
  • striving the patient as an individual
  • developing a full and accurate history
  • encouraging work and sociallising
  • never humiliating patients
  • only use physical force to prevent a patient form harming themselves or others, never as punishment.

Kleinian analysts see Schizophrenia as a defence against overwhelming abolition and tormenting anxieties. They interpret unconscious matters at the level of greatest anxiety, to develop awareness of the links between reality and fantasy.
The dopamine hypothesis is currently the most widely accepted biochemical theory. According to this hypothesis, Schizophrenia is caused by hyperactive transmissions in neurons in the brain which use dopamine as a chemical messenger. By administer patients with anti psychotic drugs these dopamine neurotransmitters are blocked.  Some psychiatrists have come to the conclusion that drugs are not the answer to curing Schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. Post mortem on people who suffered from Schizophrenia stated signs of increased dopamine levels. However it has also been discovered that anti psychotic drugs not only causes a blockage of dopamine, but also kicks off an attempt of the brain to compensate for the blockage. In other words, over activity in the dopamine system is caused by the anti psychotic drugs that are supposed to threat the illness.

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if look for an alternative and more healthier way of coping go to:

What is Parkinson

At its simplest, it is a progressive neurological disorder, which so far cannot be cured. It is variable in its progression, i.e. some people progress more slowly than others, and the symptoms can be effectively controlled with medication for many years. Parkinson's results from a shortage of dopamine, a chemical that helps instructions from the brain to cross from one nerve cell to the next, in a part of the brain called the substantia nigra, which has to do with controlling movement.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Scam web sitebuilder

The other day like so many people I was looking for a new website builder. Not to become a victim of scam sites I researched the net for reviews. I came across several sites which all gave the thumbs up  for an number of web building sites. I wasn't looking for a free site builder but some on them claim to be free. You either have to buy a domain name or pay for the hosting. There is nothing wrong with this and this article is not about so called free web hosting or web building sites. It’s hardly surprising then, that the Internet is crowded with a diverse range of website builders and hosts each trying to offer something palatable to both the local businessman and optimistic entrepreneur. Even though we all think we are savvy enough to seek out the wolves from among the sheep, I admit I stumbled and fell hook line and sinker for a site simply called site builder.

After checking a couple of other site builders I choose   The reviews I had read looked all very positive and their site looked professional. They also trade under the name website

You ask yourself who is writing those positive reviews and articles? My guess is: they have personnel especially writing and posting for them. When you start building your site you are transferred  to ehost. Where you have a cDeck and a vDeck. Nothing about these decks and what they meant was mentioned to me at any time. Only when I emailed with a complain this was mentioned in one of the replies. Read about them here

Here is what I discovered after I unsuccessfully tried to contact their support team. They keep telling me I didn't buy a domain name or I should contact them via another email address they own.
Please check out the real reviews about this website builder below.

The above review sites are written by real people. Don't fall for scam artists. Be aware of wolves in sheep clothing.

Check if a website is legit here:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The madness of the author

A great number of books and music are published each week. Among these are many first timers, all hoping to reach the public. It's easy for a new product to get lost in this vast ocean. Thrown into the foaming waves many of the newcomers drift off and soon toss on the seas of shattered dreams.

You have gone through the process of writing the material, recording or editing and revising. Only to find this was the easy bit. No matter how good your product is if the public don't get a change to learn about you then you're on a mission impossible.

You almost have to be delusional to keep pursuing your dreams. In 1911 Bleuler published ‘Dementia Praecox or the group of Schizophrenia's.' Inconvenient or different behavior like; homosexuality, laziness, rebellion and remembering too intensely were among the symptoms a patient could have. What do you think of this; 'Many Schizophrenics display lively affects at least in certain directions, among them are active writers, the word improvers, the health lunatics and the founders of new religions.'

Oscar Wild once said;
"We are all in the gutter, only some of us are looking at the stars."

The Internet contains many artist forums and blogs. Anyone can join and post a poem, photo or any other form of artwork. Some members on those sites have gathered a large fan base, however this doesn't mean they produce quality nor have their own voice.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Four sites for upcoming writers

This site is quite popular with younger writers and readers, but does have a wide range of genres. Becoming a member is easy and free. You can post your story and take part in discussions in different clubs and forums. An interesting aspect of Wattpad are the Watty awards
The Watty Awards is an annual celebration of the most loved stories by the Wattpad community. Over $20,000 will be given out in prizes!

Writersbeat  has a more serious tone and is therefore used by more mature writers.
People who wish to become a published author, there is an updated writer's market section, but you can get your feet wet right away with monthly writing contests, group writing exercises, and In Pencil - the official   online magazine.


Authonomy is a daughter of publishing house HarperCollins. Beside the usual forums, tips and excerpts, one has the opportunity to be picked by the editors and get an actual book deal. 
This site is far out the best option for the serious author who isn’t afraid of honest critique. An negative aspect of Authonomy is when your book is picked to be published, you receive only a 30% share of the total revenue. Not much considering you did all the work.

Writer’s Digest 

 ·         holds competitions
·         guide to literary agents
·         writing groups
·         writing levels
·         how to’s
·         and more

Bare in mind that getting fantastic comments on your work on any of these sites means your creation is really worth publishing. Many members of the Wattpad community give positive feedback in the hope to gain reads, fans and comments. I have seen high quality material which hardly got any reads and only a few comments. So don't be fooled or dis hearted.